Automatic Homing on Lightburn


Sorry to be such a bother about something I should already know, but I don’t. 2 things acually.

  1. What are the correct settings on the GRBL firmware for the diode laser module to work effectively? My current settings state that the maximum power is at 1000, I usualy switch between a spindle router of 12000 rpm, this I enter in that setting area if I want to use the spindle in Lightburn with the z-axis turned on. Helps with cutting out stuff. But I would like to understand the logic settings. As 255 is the highest pwm setting and 0 as none.

  2. If I add limits to my machine, how can I get Lightburn to read these settings and apply it to the digital bed en the software? I know this might have been dealt with before, but I know Marlin well. I am just a little cautious with GRBL.

Great software by the way. Most of my clients have made use of Lightburn and have found it to be the most robust Software to date.


Thinus Botes

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