Automatic tabs not saving to file

I have an issue with tabs not saving with the .lbrn file. If I create the tabs manually there are no issues, saving works ok. If I use automatic tabs, as long as I don’t remove any of them, saving works ok. If however I use automatic tabs and remove a few from an object, the file does not retain the status of the remaining tabs when it is saved.
LB 1.1.04
Ruida 644XG controller

Does it work if you just have regular automatic tabs and don’t remove any of them?
When you did remove some did you manually save the file after?
Can you provide an example file? Even if it’s one that seems to no longer have tabs after re-opening.

Hi Adam
Yes, if I don’t edit the tabs, everything saves ok. The problem is really easy to duplicate, I will send a file.

OMG! I can’t replicate the problem now. I have tested all eventualities and I can’t replicate. Sorry, I can’t explain that one. Maybe the software was in a knot, I have rebooted since. Anyway, problem has gone away for now, sorry to bother you.

No bother at all. We want folks to report “odd” behavior, so we can investigate and sort, if required. Please continue to report, if you find something not working as you’d expect. :slight_smile:

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