Automating cutting jobs with an autofeeder


I had a thought the other day of automating my machine. I was thinking of having a pile of stock behind the laser with a feed system which would feed in a sheet of wood to a limit/proximity switch, stop, start and finish job, then eject the finished job and start all over again. my question would be is there any sort of API for lightburn that i can start and poll for jobs with an external script or is there a developer mode where i can program the laser though lightburn? I can do the mechanical stuff i’m just trying to find a program to be able to control remotely with a script.


There isn’t at this time. Ruida controllers have an auto/feed axis (U) but LightBurn doesn’t support that yet. It won’t be hard to add, and would get you a little closer.

We do have a way to load and start jobs from other apps through UDP commands, but no true scripting will be available for a while - that won’t be simple to add.

I’m throwing my vote in for a Python interpreter.

Hosting the language is easy. Exposing all the internals in a way that’s compatible, and making it play nice with the undo system and UI, is where things get ugly.

Thanks for the quick reply. that would be really good to get a U axis. So how would I go about sending UDP commands to lightburn?

and plus one on the python :smiley:

Send an email to support at lightburnsoftware mentioning this thread, and I can send you a python script that uses the commands I have so far.

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cool, thanks, sent


As a follow up, enough people emailed us about this that all the details have now been posted in this FAQ:

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