Automating Interactions with Python

I’m switching from RDWorks to LightBurn.

For RDWorks I’ve written several Python scripts that can automate things like importing a DXF file, moving the x & y location, rotating, and exporting to machine instructions. I used the pywinauto library to click on the buttons and enter text into the text boxes.

So I’m going to be re-doing this automation for LightBurn but I’m finding the pywinauto library is not picking up the interface elements, maybe because it’s not using the native Windows elements? I’m not sure why.

I see some other people automating here, anyone able to get these more complex commands automated? I’ve got Windows and Mac available if that’s helpful, but I prefer to script in Python.

Loving LightBurn but if I can’t get this to work then I’ll have to switch back to RDWorks!

At this time, LightBurn has a fairly minimal command line interface through UDP commands to do things like launch the program and launch the program + load a file.

Mpre scripting functionality is on our long term roadmap:

Thanks, yeah I saw these points. I’m looking for more control that these offer so I guess I’ll keep playing around with these third-party general UI automation tools and see if I can get them working with LightBurn.

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