Automation Direct Proximity Sensor for Z Axis with Ruida (30mm, or more, for zeroing Z)

I’m interested in installing something like an Automation Direct Proximity Sensor.
It has a range of 30mm.
I would like to keep my zero reference away from the work surface as much as necessary to utilize the benefit of z axis offsets.

If the output is N.O. or N.C. (digital) and power supply 10-30vdc available on the board I think it is possible. I just don’t know the accuracy of the proximity sensor.

Beware 30mm is the housing diameter size, not range. Range “sensing distance” is 15mm.

If you want to detect the machine going outside of it’s limits you are going to need 6 sensor… one at each end of each axes. Wired to the limit + inputs of the controller.

Most of these on Chinese machines are hall effect and work well with any Ferris metal. Is there some reason you want a capacitance detector?

Actually a range of 15mm, 30mm is its diameter… quote from the link

capacitive proximity sensor, tubular, 30mm diameter x 71mm body, nickel-plated brass housing, NPN, N.O. output, 15mm sensing distance

Do you really need something that physically big? Diameter wise… I notice some are < 10mm in diameter, seems a better choice for a Z axes. Over 1 inch in diameter and almost 3 inches long… seems like a lot size/weight to drag around on the head assembly…

Does it really matter what distance it can sense… you can mount it anywhere…

I have no idea what this means…

They detect metal and non-metal objects through insulating materials and are often used to sense fill levels.

From what I thought it still requires a Ferris metal somewhere although I have seen similar one with fluids. I think it means that it will detect through insulated parts, something that will change a fields capacitance. Water would work, as would metal.

I’ve seen a number of them for industrial use that are capacitive, but only work with metal products.

Why can’t you move the Z detector you have currently to a different location?

I think I follow you, but I’m not sure this is a valid fix… It will zero off the switch, wherever you put it…is that going to work?

It’s a workaround in an attempt to fool the Ruida… yes? If this is the case, you’ll likely loose… :grimacing:


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