Automation to insert same dimension image, burn, then next image

I searched for a couple keywords but didn’t find what I was looking for.
Imagine a design that has in it a circular or square region. There is also a list of SVG images already set to match the dimensions of that region.

Does LB support the process to step through that list of SVG images and place one of the list of images/text into the area designated, burn, then pull from the list the next image/text and repeat until the list is exhausted? Of course, entire graphic with the static image/text and the dynamic image/text would have to be placed a designated distance from the prior to these don’t burn on top of each other. Also, the inserted text is always the layer defined for that text box and the cross (in this example) would have its own layer and burn or cut as defined in that layer.

Possible Usage Example

One idea would be to have a design with a cross and above each cross would an area for a text box. Group the cross and text box. Copy the group and repeat them 10 times. Lightburn then comes along and fills in the text box automatically and burns each grouped area including that verse from a list of verses.

Yes you can definitely do that. You can import text from a CSV file using the Merge/CSV option in the text toolbar. It is fairly straight forward but will require some practice. I have not actually used this in production… yes I am also doing it the hard way. I have run through this process and am determined to use this feature more often.

This is great. Has there been any movement on this mentioned idea?

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Where was this yesterday? Lol. I spent a good 2 minutes fiddling with variable text to make a test card. I gave up quickly since I only needed 5 labels. Filing this away for the next time. Thank you.

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I am unaware if any progress has been made to implement that. I do know the dev team is very capable but software design takes time and many hours of testing. The new public beta version LB 1.4.2 is out for review but I have yet to have a close look for new features.

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