Automation - Turn on Chiller with Fan, or Laser

So, i’ve recently swapped out the controller in my FSL laser for a Ruida, I’ve been enjoying LB and all the options and automations that the control can allow.

Just finished wrapping up my air assist, which has been great.

Now I am considering utilizing CN1 - STATUS pin to maybe wire up a relay and contactor to turn my CW3000 chiller on when the laser comes on. Traditionally i’ve always just turned it on with a switch when I turn the exhaust fan on before running a job, but considering changing that up.

Is there any reason one should be done over the other? I worry about " Short cycling " the chiller on and off with the fan for jobs, but might be off base there.


If I remember correctly the 3000 series is just a fan and pump… It’s not an actual compressor refrigeration system. I wouldn’t want my chiller to be on and off… it needs the flow to run all the time, not matter what type. I want coolant flow before, during and after the tube lases. Between the tube lasing you want to remove any extra heat and that takes time.

Any of it can be run off the the status pin on the Ruida. With my original factory machine, when you powered it up, the fans and compressors ran… running a job or not… really annoying.

I used this ss (solid state) relay with Status to turn on both compressor and fan.

The positive side goes to the +24V, the negative side to the Ruida…it will complete the ground path.

I use these over relays because they switch at the zero voltage point of the ac power. Not to mention they last a lifetime…

Good luck, have any questions, speak up…


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I agree when i power up the laser the chiller stays on till i power off for the day. As long as there’s power the chiller is running.

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ohhh that’s a great option. Ordered one of those. Thanks for the tip!

I personally have everything on smart sockets that I can control with Google Assistant (chiller + preheater) then I have a solid state relay wired into the front panel to turn the blower on/off manually. I believe the Ruida could switch it on/off pretty easily with the air on signal and a latching relay with a timer off delay.