Autonumberingself-graving consecutive numbers on cards

Excuse my English, I am using Google Translator, the question I ask is that I have been looking for how to make a number self-number, I need to make cards as if they were membership cards, with a single number per card, I have been looking in the forums but I have not known find it, either because of my poor English or because I can’t find it, I know it must exist, because I have seen it in Ezcad2, but it is more comfortable for me to use lightburn, I think it must exist, let’s go.

Another question is there is a way to place an icon to change between filled style or wire style, there are times when it is difficult to select a layer in question.

I have a CO2 laser and a fiber laser, and I am using the latest version of lightburn 1.4.01, thanks in advance.

On the keyboard, the shortcut Alt Shift W does exactly that.

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