Availability of camera

Would anybody happen to have information as to when the camera may come back in stock? I have a boss ls1420 and have some questions about the camera prior to ordering

We have the 8MP cameras in stock now. The 5mp’s (more suited for your machine) are still awaiting customs clearance in Tennessee, where they’ve been for over a week now. Your guess is as good as mine as to when they’ll move again.

Can you tell me why the lesser mega pixel would suit my machine better?

The lens angle (60 degrees) is more appropriate, and your machine has a relatively small working area, so the extra precision isn’t really necessary. The 8MP-95 would work, but the viewing angle is a bit wide for your machine, so you’d be wasting some of the image.

Having said that, the 8MP cameras have better optics, so the image quality is better, but the image doesn’t have to be pretty when just using the camera for work placement.

Order Placed ! Looking forward to getting our in. It will most likely beat the replacement parts coming in to repair our controls from China.



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