Avoiding engraving some of my project

I’m new to this software and I really like it. Still on trail but I’m pretty sure I wil buy a license.
I have been using Photoshop, Gimp and other software. So I recognize some of these tools.
My question:

I’m making a cd cover and I’m going to put some text and a small logo for engraving on it.

I’m starting with “Create Rectangle”. Making it the size of the cover.
Then I fill in the text.
When I take a look the Preview it also engrave the Rectangle frame.
Shall I use something else when I make the Rectangle box, or just tick off Output in the Cuts/Layers to avoid engraving of the box?

Thanks in advance

You just put your frame on another layer, I like to use T1 or T2, they do not get “printed”

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In LightBurn, any shape you see in the workspace is assigned to a Layer. Each Layer has its own cut settings and controls. If you want one shape to have a different cut mode style applied compared to another, change the layer that shape is on by selecting the thing, then click a different color from the color palette at the bottom.

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Thank you very much.
Sorry for late reply, i have been at work offshore and the internet is not to good there

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