AVR, voltage regulators, CO2

Can someone educate me and recommend a smart AVR to add to my laser ? Running jobs on glass/mirrors leaves some streaking due to brownouts. I run laser/chiller/airpump on 16A 240V line, but still get brownouts, because of people using kettles around me :smiley:

Explain a little more precisely what you want to do with the AVR :slightly_smiling_face:

Run laser on it to keep incoming power voltage steady.

In fact, you need one 220v Voltage Stabilizer?

Its the same thing. AVR/AVS - Automatic Voltage Regulator/Stabiliser.

Oh funny, I thought you meant the AVR microcontroller :joy:

I would suggest separating the laser from the other two devices and using the voltage regulator on only the laser. The chiller will require clean sinusoidal waveform which will significantly increase the cost of the regulator and it’s unnecessary as the chiller can cycle without problems during a run. The airpump might need to be on the regulator unless it has a pressure tank after the pump. This will help regulate the air pressure.
So, then you’re left with your laser. Look at the specs for the laser, find out how much power it draws at max (I’m guessing it’s 300-500W) and buy a regulator/UPS that is rated for at least this amount of power.

Machine alone pulls about 680W at 22mA (measured it a while ago, 80W tube). I was thinking putting AVR on laser alone, no other equipment needs it. I run S&A CW5200, Hailea 009D airpump and 300W extractor. All of it is effectively on the same 16A line (one branch off the house goes to my workshop), but all in even at full power i wouldn’t be getting close to that.

I dont use back sockets on the laser for anything, so its machine only in the wall socket, separate sockets for other bits (although, as i said, still the same 16A line).