AWC 608 and air assist

Hello @LightBurn

I have an “old” AWC608 from lightobject shop
I would’like switch on/off my air assist with your switch in the lightburn software
But apparently the output signal doesn’t change on the motherboard awc608
Have you got an idea ?

thank you

Can’t find any output information on the 608. It has outputs, but they are labeled ‘out1’, ‘out2’

I have no clue which is supposed to the air enable control… do you?

Do you have a link to the procedure you followed to set this up?


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Since I use the same controller I recall that someone else wanted to do this and the post got pretty detailed. So all this was discussed not long ago. I don’t recall if the thread was about air or exhaust fan. I tie both into a door switch.

I think one of the out* handles this, but I’ve never found a hardware type manual on this controller.

Also, I think they supply voltage/current instead of sinking current. But that documentation has eluded me.

A lot of docs on the software and how to deal with the control panel. Bits and pieces, but little on the actual hardware connections.


Hello @jkwilborn & @dean448
Actually out 1 is good but I didn’t succeed pilot with the toggle lightburn air assist

Both out1 and out2 have the same description.?

These seem to indicate active low, like the Ruida, but I wonder if that’s so.

On the Ruida, there is ‘Status’ and ‘Wind’. I’m sure they are similar.

When the machine is in ‘run’ mode the ‘Status’ output goes low. Commonly used to turn on low pressure air that is on for the whole job.

When you select Air Assist in the layer, then ‘Wind’ also goes low when that layer executes.

This bypasses the ‘restrictor’ and gives full air pressure.

Have you looked at out2 to see if it’s similar to ‘Wind’ on the Ruida and is toggled by the layers air assist setting…?

@dean448 is referencing this thread… I didn’t remember where this was discussed…


Look up the post titled: ‘air assist clarification’
Not sure how to pass the link on my phone.

This link?

It’s showing that it’s for an AWC708S. In your experience are they sufficiently similar?

I would try not to be distracted by manuals that might or might not exist and concentrate on inputs and outputs. Does a Lightburn switch change anything on the controller outputs? Your original post says no. Instead of providing a voltage could they allow voltage to be grounded? I wouldn’t hold up much hope that this is going to work.

I think the Trocen controller switches the supply voltage, not ‘sink’ it. So the solenoids to be connected to to the ground then to the controller. Unlike a Ruida, that sinks current.

This is from a Trocen AWC708 manual and seems to support that…

Just ‘assuming’ but I’d guess that OUT1 is equal to the ‘Status’ of the Ruida along with OUT2 equating to ‘Wind’. The Ruida ‘sinks’ to ground, the Trocen ‘supplies’ power.


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