AWC 608 and air assist

Both out1 and out2 have the same description.?

These seem to indicate active low, like the Ruida, but I wonder if that’s so.

On the Ruida, there is ‘Status’ and ‘Wind’. I’m sure they are similar.

When the machine is in ‘run’ mode the ‘Status’ output goes low. Commonly used to turn on low pressure air that is on for the whole job.

When you select Air Assist in the layer, then ‘Wind’ also goes low when that layer executes.

This bypasses the ‘restrictor’ and gives full air pressure.

Have you looked at out2 to see if it’s similar to ‘Wind’ on the Ruida and is toggled by the layers air assist setting…?

@dean448 is referencing this thread… I didn’t remember where this was discussed…