AWC 708c Lite U Axis

I am just curious if the U axis is supported yet for use with a rotary device? Its been about a year since i have seen this mentioned and I just finished building a machine… hooked it up the old way (to Y axis) but would prefer to have it separate if possible.

LightBurn doesn’t interact with the AWC controller at all regarding the rotary. I don’t think anything needs to happen on the software side - the controller itself contains the settings for which axis is used for the rotary output.

Darn I was hoping to use the U axis on the controller. Currently I just split the y axis output to 2 drivers and have a 3 way power switch to control which driver has power then flip on rotary mode on the controller. Oh well this works. Thanks for the response.

Have you looked at the rotary settings for the AWC controller?

'Cause on my 708C-Lite I have this:

Does yours not have that?

Yes it does but as I recall something didn’t work with it set up that way. Is there something that needs to be done in LB to get it to use U?

As far as I’m aware, the the software doesn’t have anything to do with rotary mode on Trocen controllers.

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