AWC Controller connection issues

HI, This is my 2nd post as i posted an issue of a AWC608 controller which worked fine in lasercad but wouldn’t work in the lightburn software. So i thought i would upgrade to the later AWC7824 touch screen controller which i have done, i have installed all the kit but once again the light burn software will not detect this controller, i have tried manually inputting it and it still doesn’t work, it connect to lasercad straight away. I though being a modern controller this would not have any issues, how wrong,

Also unrelated does anyone know the password to access the manufactures setting on the AWC7824, i need to change datum and direction key movement but it seems like its password protected and they are not replying to emails, i will not be buying an AWC controller again

I think the password is the model number, 7824

Thankyou Patrick yes that correct many thanks for the help regards

I have now managed to gain access to all setting, also i have the AWC7824 controller now working in Lightburn, the issue i have ( and its probably me being stupid) but any part i go to cut does not cut to size, its much larger, anyone point me in the direction of fixing this?

I can tell how to do it in LaserCad, I know there is a similar feature in LB but not sure under which menu.

Create a box or line of a known length (the longer is usually more accurate) send it to the laser then measure the result.

In LaserCad system options select Manufacturer setting then click on the 3 dots next to the axis you want to alter, fill in the results of your expected size and the resuling size.

That’s great thanks, makes sense now

Much appreciated

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