AWC Lite default controller setting

I’m using the AWC lite DSP from Light Object and Every time I start LightBurn I have to go back and set my default controller and every time I home my machine it resets my controller (actually say “reseting” on the screen) as it homes. Then I’m back to my initial problem of having to set my default controller again. Ugh.

Power on your machine (machine autohomes)and afterwards connect the USB cable to your laptop. Don’t press the home button in Lightburn. I have the same issue with my LO-E5 DSP from LO (Actual a Trocen). Apparently Trocen controllers do reset the connection simultaneously when homing and do not have a homing function without resetting the controller. It would be beneficial if the homing button would be greyed out in Lightburn for those controllers and implement a reset icon somewhere. This would prevent accidental clicking on it.

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