Awc608 - how to set home position?

Before I embark on installing Windows inside Virtualbox (on my mac) and fumbling with FTDI drivers I’m wondering if the mac version of LightBurn can read/set the AWC608 parameters. Specifically, the homing speed and stepper direction.

I have Lightburn running on a K40 with a smoothieboard so I’m pretty familiar with tweaking controller settings and rewiring these machines. I’m not familiar with the AWC608 controller and can’t find anywhere in the menus to set the stepper direction. The PDF manual for AWC608 shows some ancient looking windows software called LaserCAD used to read/set the AWC608 settings. Getting that software working on my mac looks like a lot of work.

I’m installing an AWC608 controller into a small 50watt machine. I have everything wired including the x/y steppers and endstops. When I power the machine it attempts to home itself but I’m having two problems. These aren’t lightburn issues but this community has always helped me more than any of the manufacturers.

  1. The X and Y steppers both go in the wrong direction. I want it to home into the back left where the endstops are located. Instead, the machine moves to the front right. The controller should have a way to reverse the direction pin but I haven’t figured this out yet.

  2. The endstops aren’t respected. When the machine is homing I press the endstop switches manually expecting the machine to think it’s reached home position and stop moving the gantry. This isn’t working. The machine keeps moving the steppers after the home switches are pressed.

Looking back at through the release notes, I see we initially provided access to the controller settings for the Trocen family of controllers back with the release of 9.03.

There were a few issues fixed and addressed in subsequent releases and is now working as expected. You should have access to these controller settings from the Mac version of LightBurn via ‘Edit’→’Machine Settings’.

As Oz mentioned in another post:

Edit > Machine Settings, then go to the bottom in the Vendor Settings area and unroll it.

Each axis has Keypad Direction, Homing Direction, Limit Switch Polarity, and Invert Keypad Direction. Those should be the settings to play with to make it work the way you want.

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