AWC608 Ramp Feature Ineffective

I have a laser cutter with a AWC608 controller. The ramp feature does not appear to do anything at all
I have set min power to the lowest the laser will fire at, and the max where it would nornmally be. I set the ramp to 6.0 which should make a huge ramp, but the result looks exactly the same as without ramp turned on.

Is there a compatability issue with the AWC608 for ramping?

It’s possible - I honestly don’t recall if the 608 supports grayscale / direct output. LightBurn is emitting the commands for it (I just double checked).

I would really like this feature. If I have to replace the controller to get it, it’s a modified K40. Do you have a controller you would recommend at this point?

I can say with absolute certainty that it works with Ruida controllers - the 6442 and 6445 are my favorites, and the new Trocen controllers with touch displays are pretty slick too.

So the Trocen 7824 and 7813 work also and are supported by you?

I’ve done some prelim testing with the 7813, and it works. I haven’t hooked it to machine yet, but I know others have, and they’ve reported no specific issues that I’m aware of.

Are you familiar feature wise if they are pretty comparable by any chance?

I haven’t read up enough to know for sure. I do know that the 7813 / 7824 are Trocen’s latest offerings, and the 608 / 708 are being discontinued. I know they have dedicated / assignable rotary output, and a few other things I’ve asked for, like the ability to set rotary settings and origin mode from software. As far as I know, they still don’t have the ability to change the Z during a job, but that’s possibly the only thing missing for me at this point.

Thank you for the feedback. How about the R6 from LightObject. Would you take that over the Ruida? I understand it is like a clone however active software development for support for LightBurn?

That is just a Ruida 6445 with LightObject branding as far as I can tell, so I assume it would be fine.

Oh interesting. Based on their description, I figured they were working with you on it. From their site:

LightObject’s R6 DSP is based on the popular Ruida 6445G and is similar in many ways. However, the R6’s software is being actively developed for LightObject while the Ruida 6445G has many software issues that will likely never be patched.

Common supplemental software includes but is not limited to CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, Illustrator, Inkscape, and more. By supporting file transfer directly over flash drives and other USB media devices, the R6 eliminates the need for an external PC. While the R6 runs on LaserCad software natively, it also supports LightBurn. LightBurn is a third-party laser software that gives users access to a very intuitive interface allowing them to complete work with little to no training.

This laser controller is compatible with U-Disk, USB, and Network communications, providing the end-user with ample flexibility.

The R6 also includes 4th axis support for rotary attachments. We offer a high-precision rotary attachment (Model #: ECNC-RTY9001) which allows engraving of rounded objects such as wine bottles, tumblers, and more. Virtually any rounded shape is possible when utilizing our rotary attachment.

New features

  • Dynamic color LCD screen shows work progress
  • 4th axis support rotary
  • Fast X,Y pan control
  • Supports real time X-Y coordinate display
  • Controllable starting point and parking location
  • Cutting & engraving can be done together
  • Multiple layers for speed & power control
  • Multiple pass engraving or cutting per layer
  • Extended guideline for cutting enchantment. Great help for cutting circular objects
  • On-board Bios upgrade
  • Network connection for faster file download
  • USB interface for OS upgrade
  • Z axis speed control (on LCD)
  • Intelligent art work arrangement helps save materials
  • Graphic job simulation - Job time calculator
  • many more features…

The Ruida DSP controller card is known for its great quality with its user-friendly RDWorks software. We are very proud to be a Ruida supplier!

That’s probably the R6 version of RDWorks, not LightBurn. It’s strange that they say it runs on LaserCAD instead of RDWorks - I suspect that’s a misprint.

Whoops. I misread that. The R6’s software (what they call their controller based on the Ruida) is being actively developed for LightObject. I misread that as LightBurn. So what I read is that they are actively fixing the firmware for their version of the Ruida, stating a lot of bugs in the Ruida version that won’t be fixed. So you do not officially support their R6, you would just set it up as the Ruida in LightBurn. Makes me question if I should get theirs over the Ruida.

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