AWC708 Lite - Any issues?

I’m not at my shop, just tired of LaserCAD and just installed LB, playing around and reading here. I’ve seen a few older/conflicting threads about what AWC controllers are supported and/or what parts are not yet supported.

Is there a more specific list somewhere? The main website says Ethernet but no USB yet, is that out of date?

The news/blog pages on the site are the most current and have information about each release posted when announced.

As you will read, Ethernet and USB are support for the Trocen/AWC Controllers.

I use LB with AWC708 Lite in USB mode, works fine, no problems

Ethernet was supported first, because that’s the easiest - no driver required, and simpler to intercept and reverse engineer the protocol traffic. After that I set to work on getting the USB driver figured out, which takes longer, hence the older posts saying it didn’t work. It does now, and as Rick notes, the news / releases are a good source of current info.


I was able to get the LB software to connect to the controller via USB, but it was finicky. I would lose the connection, then I would have to go to re-select the connection in LB and my PC would ding like it disconnected and reconnected the USB port, then I could run one command (like “home” or upload a file). After that, I would have to re-select the connection again.

Any idea what might be causing that?

I might just connect to the ethernet port (I had them install one)

I can’t help you with the USB issues as I haven’t used USB but I will say that the ethernet connection has been problem free for me.