AWC708 settings

Manufacturers setting I can not access. No matter how many times I click the drop down arrow. Maybe this is not relevant to AWC?

Axis settings. Read settings, change step value to desired setting, press enter, save back to controller, read again and step value is 1.000!

What am I doing wrong?

The only way I can change a setting is via LaserCad. Surely it is user error.

Which specific controller? AWC708c?

Yes that is the one.

I’ll have a look with mine and make sure that’s working here. Are you connected with USB or Network? I know I’ve used this before - I fully configured an AWC machine using the LightBurn machine settings, but I’ll double check.

Using Ethernet connection

Bit more playing around with axis Settings.

Seems it does write to the controller but substitutes incorrect values.

Enter a number like 18.369 and it enters 1.000 instead.

This can cause a real problem if you then do a reset. Because the value is so wrong, the machine stalls during homing and this means you can not get back into settings while it is in a stalled state.

Fortunately I was able to manually trip the home switches to get it out of the stalled state. Then use LaserCad to enter correct values.

I would hope I’m smart enough to understand why mis-translation of your settings could be an issue. :slight_smile:

Looking into this now - I think I was storing the value to be written back to the controller in the wrong numeric format (double-precision instead of integer). I’ll test and verify this works, and get a new version posted for others to check. It was only the step length values that would be affected by this.

This is fixed, and will be in the next release.

Great Thanks Oz

Further to this;

I can not access it, so I assume that “manufacturer settings” drop down menu is not applicable to the AWC708

Is that correct?

That’s just a header to denote that the area underneath it is the hardware / vendor settings. Because of the way the UI components work it shows as expandable even though it isn’t. The axis and laser settings are the manufacturer settings.

Yeah that makes sense. Thanks

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