AWC7824 Support

Is there an update on AWC7824 support? Does it support rotary axis? Z Axis? Everything working or any missing features? Will it remain fully supported?

@LightBurn any info please?

Is Lightburn actively being developed still?

LightBurn is very actively being developed, yes. The 7824 is supported, and will continue to be supported.

Z axis is still being finalized by Trocen in their firmware, or was at the last point I spoke with them.

We don’t have support for Trocen / Rotary settings yet - historically they have ONLY allowed setting those settings through the control panel and didn’t even have commands for doing it from software. I believe they’ve corrected that, but they don’t provide a means for telling which controller type you’re connected to, which means either I make it available for all Trocen devices and increase our support burden, or I leave it controller-only until they can give me a means of reliably figuring out which controller is connected and what features it supports.

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So for full functionality, you recommend the Ruida controllers? Which, for support from you, would you recommend as the best controller to go with?

Trocen is fully supported, but it takes a bit of time to implement things after they make firmware changes (ditto for Ruida). Ruida is currently the best supported controller.

That said, LightBurn has no trouble outputting rotary jobs for the Trocen controller, you just have to enter the rotary settings through the controller panel, not the software. LightBurn can jog the Z axis on the Trocen, but the older firmware does not offer the ability to move the Z axis during cuts. If that’s important to you, the Ruida would be better, but it’s rarely used by most people.

So the current AWC7824 can move Z axis during cuts then, just not the older ones? The only item currently not offered that you can do for the Ruida controller is the Rotary settings remotely.

Rotary I am not doing yet but want to add. I want to make sure I have grey scale support for power settings on the cut (ramped edges) and good Z axis support. I have the older AWC608 controller which does not seem to support ramped edges and am trying to decide which controller to upgrade to.

I’m looking at the R6 DSP R6445G(or S) or the AWC7824 unless there is a different recommendation.

Does that mean that you can’t set a material thickness in lightburn and have it automatically set the Z height on the machine if it uses the AWC-7824? I’m also torn between purchasing a new trocen or ruida controller.

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