AXBB-E controler

i am in the process of upgrading my cnc machine which i have a diode laser
installed , the hardware was gerbl and worked well with the lightburn.

now the new board is a ethernet connected controller and wondering if lightburn
will still be able to be used.

the new controller is an AXBB-E


No, that controller looks to be designed for use with Mach3 and Mach4 and we don’t support that type of controller. You would need to use one of: grbl, smoothieware, marlin, Ruida, Top Wisdom, or Trocen

cheers it was a shot in the dark . I only use to mark numbers and stuff
on pieces i am making. Have a co2 coming out and will be upgrading
my grbl license to dsp and was hoping it may work .

all good thanks for the reply

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