Axis Calibration issue

I have previously been successful at calibrating the steps for X & Y in machine settings. 50w CO2 OMtech.

Upgraded PC Win 11 and have latest 1.3.01 LB version, starting over with new settings. I can input the offset amount that the test cut measured but hitting write just reads to the controller, that window closes. Main window hit write again says saved, but no change made to steps. Is there a fix or known issue with this new version?

Thanks in advance, Really looking forward to the LB Experience in October.
John Fisher

The machine settings won’t change from the PC upgrade or LB upgrade. Is there a reason you’re wanting to redo calibration? Those settings should be preserved and good to go from the controller.

The Y axis is off and not able to save the steps to correct. It’s off 3+mm.

That’s odd. And nothing has changed in the hardware?

3+mm per what?

I’m realizing I may be misunderstanding what the basic issue is. Are you saying that you’re not able to burn to dimensional accuracy? As-in 100x100mm does not burn at 100x100mm?

Or is this something else?

I’m curious if the difficulty you’re having with making changes is related to why you’re having this issue to begin with.

Machine was running fine. I changed my 14yr old laptop out for new Win11 desktop and removed LB from the laptop, already had it on my newer laptop which will be used for a new fiber. Ran rest 50mmx50mm and get X 50.10mm ,Y 47.68mm. Yes dimensional accuracy is the issue.

Are you using the Calibrate Axis feature or are you attempting to adjust step size directly?

Calibrate axis feature, using drop down. Y give both the requested and actual results. It shows what the new step will be. Hit write and it says successfully read to controller. I then hit write on main window, says write successful. But nothing is saving to the controller for new setting.

Odd indeed.

Perhaps try changing step length directly under Vendor Settings.

New step length = current step length * actual size / requested size

Thanks for all the help. I’m officially a (insert favorite expletive here), I forgot I had been using my Rotary and had unplugged, hit reset But, big Butt here, left the option for rotary still turned on in Lightburn. It was obviously confused on what I was doing. Re calc and Y was 61.81, redid Calc and I’m back in tolerance. Thanks again for the helping hand. Going to print another label to add this info by my plug to get the correct start up and shut down of rotary to save me a day of grief. Have a great weekend. Mark this one Solved.
Thanks, John.

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