Axis calibration - possible to calibrate 4 corners?

I’ve recently ran into an issue both my c02 lasers are cutting a little off only on one corner. Say i cut a rectangle thats 28.5" Wide x 22.5" high,
the top left to right is dead on at 28.5"
but the bottom left to right is at 28.4375 (7/16").
both height measurements at spot on at 22.5" high top to bottom
These are for picture frames so that little bit off is creating a lot of problems when installing the acrylic for the middle pocket.

I’ve re calibrated the axis, and reloaded the light burn machine setting original back up files. Even went the extra effort and had a friend send me his back up file from the same model he owns.

is it possible to calibrate all 4 corners in light burn, or anything else i might check? Going to rotate the rectangle and see if it follows the axis or not next.
Both machines run off the same computer, going to try is to start fresh with a new device in LB. Go hard wire direct to the machine, then try a different computer. Feel like this isn’t a mechanical issue but not sure what exactly is causing it yet.

Foundry laser (coco song) c02
ruida Running WiFi
150W 36"x24"
150w 51"x100"

I haven’t had a problem like that yet. But I would try close and relaunch Lightburn and drawing a new rectangle and test it.

It’s been a problem for the past few weeks (that i noticed), i’ve got about 30 different frame designs all doing the same thing. i can send the design file to a friend that has the same machines and his cut’s without the issue :/. was tempted to bring my computer to his house and test if the issue came up or not.

Does it always happen in the same area of the laser bed?
You can check the distance from the laser bed to the laser head at various points to see if they are the same.

Which version of Lightburn?
You could try using a previous version of Lightburn to eliminate software problems.
Edit: Another thing, common to both lasers, is to check that the material is not warped and lies flat on the laser bed.

it’s in different locations, however i orient the project it will cut the same. This is happening on two different machines running off one computer. (one 24"x36" and one 48"x96") Attached a picture of measurements of the actual cutout.

Played with newer and older software versions of LB with no difference.
had a friend bring his laptop over whom has the same 24"x36" machine and test, no difference running USB hardwire instead of wifi on his other laptop which runs their machine fine back home.
Played around with axis calibration, made it way out of whack and slowly got it back in check with no fix.

both running Ruida 4665s controllers, was going to reload firmware but they both have versions i cannot find the file to :confused: reached out to the manufacture to see if i can get ahold of the current firmware to reload.

24’x36" firmware : RDC-v26.01.22
48"96" firmware RDC- v35.01.07

Checked some old completed projects hanging on the wall and i didn’t have this issue when those were made 6months ago, so i feel like something has changed to cause this. just can’t hunt it down yet.

Here’s an actual picture of the two pieces cutout, with one flipped end over end.

These are almost certainly mechanical problems. Check the tension of the belts and the set screws.

Look at the bow in this cut.

Lightburn guide

OMtech guide
Check the Drive guide and others to see the location, the test and the type of intervention required.

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