Axis issues I think

New to lightburn. Using a Millright Mega V, with a 7wat jtech laser. Had lightburn working with my machine just fine. Then something happened. My homing switches are at the back right. But my 0,0 is at the front left. However, when I place my material and position my laser and hit play, the laser goes all the way back to the homing switches and triggers the alarm. My position numbers are all negatives but my $10 is set to 0 like the video said. I dont know what is going on. Anyone have any ideas?

What firmware version are you running on the Millright Mega V? Share your current Device setting in LightBurn. Where and how are you setting the ‘Job Origin’?

This is good to review if you haven’t already.

Rick, thank you for replying. I’m new to cnc in general so I may not give you all the right info here. Im using grbl 1.1i. Outside of that I’m not real sure. When I home my machine, it will go to the back right where my homing switches are. My work piece is in front left. So I can bring my laser to that point but my x and y values are negatives. So then when I press play it goes all the way back to the back right and hits my switches.

Also once I get it positioned in the front left, I set origin. But then if I Go to Origin, I end up back at the back left.

Thanks for providing the additional information and don’t worry about the terminology, you will pick it up as you dive deeper. Did you get a chance to review the doc I provided above? It covers these issues in detail, including the negative workspace issue you mention. What are the results of that review? Did you make the suggested changes? Which ones and what was the result of these changes?

This is also part of the equation to get things working as expected and worth review:

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