Axis Moving from the keyboard

I wonder if it is possible to move the axes from the keyboard? The mouse is very uncomfortable for me.

Thank you.

Can you clarify what you mean by “move the axes from the keyboard?” I understand you’d like to use key presses to perform a specific activity, but axes are typically references. I can align objects along a common x-axis, but I don’t move the x-axis, generally speaking. Perhaps a bit more information regarding your objective?

If you first click in the Edit window (the workspace) you can jog the laser with the number pad arrows.

-thank you Oz! :slight_smile:

It works. Is it possible to somehow set the motion to be continuous? I mean, as long as I press the key, the axis moves.

At the moment, continuous jogging is not supported from the keyboard, though it’s something I’d like to add.

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