Axis not squared?

Hi guys,

I’m having an issue with my 60w red and black. I’m getting the skewed squares/circles issue and I cannot seem to solve it at all.
I’ve calibrated both axis and they’re reporting the correct distance travelled as on screen. I’ve tried messing with the backlash settings. I’ve tried tightening and loosening the belts.
Nothing seems to work for me. I’m thinking that my gantry is off square but I’m not sure this could cause the issue.

Any help or things to try would be much appreciated!!


Sorry, pic of controller didn’t post. It’s a ruida 644xs with firmware rdlc-v8.01.65 on a 60w red and black

Skew is not a program fix, it’s a physical adjustment on your laser. What method did you use to check how far out your skew was?

I just cut a rectangular shape and checked it off a 90° square. It’s quite visible. Any tips on how to remedy the problem? Here’s a snap of my machine if it helps…

Skew test. Get as large a piece of paper you can, I recommend old wrapping paper. Cut as large a piece as you can, and put a dashed line down the middle. Fold on the dashed line, and that tells you how far out you are.

Adjusting it is pure physical… unless you get lucky. I got lucky on mine in that it was out by a tooth. I was able to loosen the belt, jump a tooth, and re-tighten. Anything else and you have to loosen the gear on one end of the shaft and adjust accordingly. As for how much. Best is to put a clamp on a block on either side of the machine, on the aide you want to adjust, add a spacer for how much. Loosen the end gear, pull the spacer, adjust and re-tighten. Usually there is a nut on the end of the shaft and two set screws in the gear itself. Russ has a video on this in there somewhere, but I don’t remember which one.

Thanks Dave, I’ll have to roll the sleeves up.

I know Russ did a video on it, but couldn’t tell you which one. Between the different series I bet he’s up around 300 by now.

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