Axis react slowly to keypad control

Hello everyone,

something weird happening with my laser which i cannot quite solve.

Video of slow axis

For the second time this week I start my machine and all axis (x-y-z) move slow with a different sound (as if the motor pulses are different) The normal speed is always set on 150mm/s, and i surely doesn’t do that.

  • It happens when I move the axis with the keypad.
  • reset speed is still oke
  • frame speed is still normal (i usually use 150mm/s)
  • when i use Lightburn to move the axis it is normal and the problem seems to be gone, but I do not think it is LB related
  • rotary is disabled also in the controller

Anyone a solution?

If you press ‘speed’ on the console is it correct?


I have probably found the cause.

I’m engraving large files (30-50mb) and that was the last file i did. So at startup the controller is still loading the files and that makes movement of the axis slow, because the ruida isn’t the fastest controller.

Deleted the file, problem is gone

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