Axis set up on atomstack

Hello! I am having issues setting up my axis to 0,0. When i hit it to go to 0,0 it will send it to different coordinates. How do I adjust that? ATOMSTACK A5 M40 40W Laser.

Is your Atomstack A4 have limit switches
Is the machine homing correctly?

WHen you power up machine and it homes - can you type ?
In console and report the Mpos coordinates?

I’m am gonna mention this m somewhat new haha. How do I know if it has limit switches? When I start it up, it does not do anything. I’m t just stays in the position I left it last.

look at your left/front corner, there should be some wires and some switches

If there are none then your machine has no homing at all, so the X0 Y0 is where ever you start the machine

I gotcha, I do not have those. I was trying to set up my camera but it it zooms in on the item. Not sure how to set it up to where the camera can see the whole size of the engraver.

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