Ayuda nnecesito saber donde esta la opcion para colocar el panel de capas ( Help I need to know where is the option to place the layers panel)

hola quisiera saber donde es la opcion para colocar las capas porque solo me aparece 1 capa en negro. no puedo hacer distintas cosas a la vez xq solo me sale 1 capa. podrian ayudarme por favor

Hello, I would like to know where is the option to place the layers because only 1 layer appears in black. I can’t do different things at the same time because I only get 1 layer. can you help me please

I’m not quite sure what you’re after but If you want to activate another layer, Draw a couple of shapes, words, objects, whatever.

Select the Object you would like to move to a new Layer. Here I drew a quick Hexagon on my work for a test. It comes up on the layer I was in.

Then with that object selected, Click any layer Number 00 through 29 (or the tool layers T1 or T2) that you’d like to assign it to.

The New Layer will become active and your selected object will be on that layer.

Is this what you’re hoping for? If not please refine and clarify your question so I can expand further and cover what you need.

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