Aztec Calendar engraving & cutout on brass

First Deep Engraving on Brass… happy with the results, not perfect but a good training exercise. Love the detail ability of this laser.
Went well but I lost track of passes to achieve correct depth. I will be more careful to document on my next deep engraving project. After engraving I cut the disc out of the brass strip, you can see I have to adjust minimally to get perfect geometry next time- the edge is slightly off.
The front is darker but I succeeded in brightening it up using barbeque sauce thinned with water, immersed for a couple of minutes. Picture taken before treatment.

Name: Aztec Calendar
Material: 2.38mm thick x 50.8mm wide Brass Strip (K&S Precision Metals #8229)
Size: 40mm Diameter x 2.38mm thick, engraved on both sides
Machine: 60W JPT M7 Mopa Fiber Laser
Lens: 70mm
Engraving Parameters:
Speed: 300mm
Power: 95%
Frequency: 20khz
Q-Pulse: 400ns
Mode: Fill
Line Interval: .0212 (1198 lpi)
Strategy: Bi-directional, Cross-Hatch
Passes: Manually repeated, ~50 ?


Looks great, I will try to engrave something similar on brass with my diode laser :blush:

Really nice. Is the file available online?


Didn’t see the back side in the link?


Oh, I put that one together from some of the the aztec sigils in Lightburn
Aztec Calendar 40mm Back.dxf (4.4 KB)

Thanks for the link and shared back file. Now I need to get some brass coins. :slight_smile: