Back in the -90's

I started up a laser cut business, cutting solder stencils. Within a year shipped worldwide to Ericson, Nokia, that third other one nobody remembers

Fast track, today happy enjoying life as an house sketcher (some [upnosed] like to call it Architect, I don’t]. I like to call it “It is not I who is gonna live here” Shoutout, [Swedish] (happy to help Swedish architecture worldwide)
Perhaps 10 years ago I got my first thin plastic wire melting 3D printer. Today super happy owner of a Prusa latest Bearmera wounderful modified. Next to it at SL, one I did expect to use more
Remembering best time of my life, lasercutting - last week excited received a Ortur Laser Master 2 20 watt (Yea, I know, would like to know more this child stuff before spending CO2)
Being the entrepreneur I am, already bought tumblers, flasks, acryl, intarsia. Have partnered up small local “wape” “youth” shop - bet best place to start advertising

You guys been at this mini watt laser for a while, how about sharing your settings to a newbie as me?
Today I [web] got burning plastic of a tumbler with a 5 (5.5?) watt diod laser 35 mm/minute, 80% power to 3000 mm/minute, 55% power to to 1500 mm/minute, 90 % power, 0.08 line interval
One week in, calibrating, that is a big span

How about sharing your trial-and-error? I got a few tumblers, would like to not waste them all. Happy if You would like to share Your settings - on a Ortur Laster Master 2 20 watt

This Millenial attitude is not my thing (elbowing), but am happy to share my tons of knowledge otherwise

PS I. Dividing a “foot”(?) in twelfth and on and on - I have got no clue what world you live in. T-Rex measured by foot, just saying. Ten millimeter, or ten centimeter, or one meter - so easy (talking to deaf ears, I guess)

PS II. Super happy to have found your community.

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Go to LA Hobby guy’s website sign up for free then follow the link to the diode laser settings.

Love you man, thanxs
Lousina Hobby Guy, seen many before getting my first child stuff diod
A rough template, all material bought tumlers, plywood

Seem to me You guys keep stuff secret, then again, just last week got first diod laser
Will forum see