Back Up Settings Bug V 1.1.00

I was doing a simple Feed Rate test by running the laser from left front of the workspace to the right front of the work space. I started with the feed rate $110=2000 and $111=2000. I then changed those two settings to 3000 and it worked fine. I then changed the settings to 4000 and the X Axis went about 90% of the distance and stopped. I tried to manually use the “Move” left arrow and just heard the X Axis stepper motor just clicking like it was stuck. I turned the lead screw by hand and it was fine. I checked the settings in the console and noticed they were mostly all changed. So I figured, Ah ha, I’ll use the new feature to reload the prefs from the “Load Prefs Backup”. Most of those settings were completely changed. So I went back to yesterdays prefs and those settings were mostly all different. I checked the Machine settings backups and it said there were no valid backups. I initially thought the feature was corrupt but now I’m thinking I messed up. Is it me or is it V 1.1.00? Luckily I copied my settings to Notebook before it crapped out.

How did you make these setting changes, through the console, or through the machine settings window? If you changed through the console, LightBurn has no idea, and doesn’t make a backup. :wink:

Ok, yes I made them through the console. Thanks for the feedback.

Do you think my feed rate increase to 4000 had something to do with the machine stopping close to the end of the line?

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