Background picking up

Hello ,I am new to my laguna laser and lightburn software. my main problem is when i download any image the laser tries to pick up the back ground even if is is solid.
Another issue is when i burn a image what ever text i have selected is only outlined and not filled solid.
Thanks for any help.

Welcome, and I am sure we can offer some guidance, but I am not understanding what you are asking here. Feel free to spell it out remembering that we can not “see” what you do. In this case, the more the better and include pictures/screenshots to help illustrate your issues.

You can place your text on a ‘Layer’ that you set to ‘Fill’. If you are getting the outline of the shapes, you likely have those shapes on a ‘Layer’ set to ‘Line’.

Select your text and click a new color at the bottom of the LightBurn window, then set that new ‘Layer’ to ‘Fill’ in the ‘Cuts’ window near the upper-right.

I am going to share the following, in-progress rewrite of our documentation. Worth a look for some of the basics to help you get going. :slight_smile:

And in particular, the section linked below has a simple project from start to finish to guide one through many of the basic features LightBurn has to offer. Right at the beginning, we show you how to do what you are wanting with your text, as I suggest above.

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