Backing up vendor settings

I was wondering if it is possible to back up my vendor settings for my Ruida 6442S DSP controller ?

I keep on being advised to do it (just got the laser), and a quick google didn’t reveal how. I can see the settings from within Lightburn, but apart from taking screenshots of the display, I’m not sure how to save them to the Mac, so that if disaster strikes, I can always get them back…

Cheers :slight_smile:

LightBurn does not currently have the ability to back up the settings as far as I know. I use a PC so I use RDWorks to perform that function. Do you happen to have a PC laying around you could install RDWorks onto? If not your screen shot idea would be the best option for now.

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Sadly, no. I work at Apple, and it’s generally considered a sin punishable by death to have a PC at home :slight_smile: [joking]

I may be able to scrounge up a VM from somewhere with Windows installed. Failing that, shift-command-4 (for some reason, the key-combination for screen-shot) will be my friend until Lightburn comes around :slight_smile:

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I worked at Intel during the transition at Apple to Pentium from PowerPC.

I went from being a Mac pariah to a very popular ‘how do I’ guy :wink:

It’s surprising how many Windows techs run a Mac at home.

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