Backlash setting in LB for Ruida Controller

I have this issue of Circles not being round .Circle comes out as perfect cutout in some places and at other places cut out does not come out due to circle being not round (not meeting start and end points)

After several trials(belt adjustment ,XY motor calibration) problem still remained .I then tested the same vector circles using RDworks with “with backlash reapy option” enabled in output of the file. With this option i got perfect circles.

Is there a similar setting in LB for backlash option ?

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LightBurn does not have this option yet. I’ve actually been trying to work out what exactly it does - it just changes the order of directions that cuts progress in. Can you show a photo of cuts made with and without that setting turned on?

I’m having a similar issue, although I can’t get RD to work at all. (lol) Any idea how to calculate the backlash? Mine is just slightly off but it’s enough to cause problems.

I have tighten the belt tension on motors and I don’t see this problem occurring now .However since you asked I have this circles in below picture made from lightburn on right side of the pic which show offset in the end of the circle . In the left is the RDworks with backlash reapy enabled .

After mechanical adjustment I do not need this option in RDworks now . Circles are perfect now . . At one point in mechanical adjustment I had taken one pic which shows how this option helps . Please see the second picture both done from RDworks .

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