Backup Power for 20W laser UPS (Uninterrupted power supply)

Hi, I wanted to look into a backup power UPS for a 20W Ortur. What is a good option to get at least 1 hour or more if power goes out? Just for the engraver machine without air assist or anything else connected. I was looking at a 700VA 230V.

useless for me, LB allows you to start again from the position was interrupted.

Do you really want to design it to keep working when only the engraver part is operational. I would have a difficult time without air assist or ventilation and it wouldn’t be worth running.

I think you need to add up everything that will need to be operational, as that sounds like what you really want. No point in having backup if everything but the engraver is down.

My Ruida gives me a recover option if it loses power. Most grbl machines don’t and I don’t know if Lightburn would know where to restart the machine, since Lightburn couldn’t really know where the machine was when the power failed.

Not sure what @killrob is referring. ?

Good luck


well you can see where the job is arrived when interrupted, and LB in preview has a button “start laser from here” you only need to move cursor in the correct position and you can restart… and not move the material you’re working on :wink:

I don’t have much time with running the laser from Lightburn, I use the machines console out in the garage, so I not too aware of that option. I have a Ruida, so I became accustomed to it

I guess I was more fascinated with the machines operations than to pay much attention to Lightburn when I ran my grbl stuff.

I am always underestimating this product.


i don’t have a Co2 with Ruida or other controller… at the moment is too much expansive for my wallet, so i have 3 laser module and i have to use LB in all his features, and everyday there is always something new to learn…

Got that right…

My first entrance into computers gave me incredible experience and I really though I knew something.

I quickly realized I knew a couple drop off the tip of the iceberg…

Someone else will handle it in an entirely different way…

I have a couple of led lasers, they were my entry addiction. Once the co2 came, I started upgrading and fiddling with it, don’t run the ss led’s much anymore.

One of the reasons is the co2 is setup to be run with air assist and ventilation which the led is lacking and that in itself makes them more ‘trouble’ to run and use.

I use the little machines more for pcb’s projects.

I will get back to them with lasers, I can fell the ‘itch’ now and then.


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Okay considering an air assist 35 PSI then too. It is actually an eventual upgrade along with a ventilation fan. would a 1.2KV be enough for about an hour or more for air assist and ventilation fan? I think @killrob is talking about the technique for resuming a project when the laser gets interrupted. I’m talking about saving time from power loss and the machine running for an hour if possible so I won’t have to touch a thing.

I looked online for some insight but very little info about UPS, laser engravers, and recommended UPS . Searched youtube, google, and some groups.

i’m not skilled in this but i think that can be calculated how much energy it takes to complete the job, you only need to know the power consumption of your machine

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okay, i did calculation on a site for APC power and found decent ones that said 3 hours for a decent price but wanted to confirm because I don’t have much experience with that either.

The compressor I just ordered draws 12 A at 120v or 1400 watts that’s just the compressor, so you have to use your compressor values.

Add that to the machine requirements along with the ventilation fan.

I doubt it’s worth the cost to keep all that alive for an hour.

Probably much cheaper to just write off the materials and the time…

That’s assuming your power is relatively stable.



sorry mate i’m in your conditions not skilled at all with this

The other answer on LB forum was that you cant go wrong with a large UPS haha.
I contacted APC customer care via chat. They were a little helpful and said I would need additional info. * Typical steady state draw

  • Maximum in-rush current
  • Maximum in-rush duration
  • Make and Model of all equipment that will be attached to the UPS

The Typical steady state draw was something I didn’t get. I may contact them again about that and the rest isn’t a problem.

Okay thanks! let me share a link to the page APC UPS Selector/Calculator - Find the Correct Battery Backup

If it helps anyone else. The company is apparently one of the best.

They have a calculator for determining the right UPS. I was skeptical of a 3 hour UPS result. I did not add the compressor or ventilation but I will try the compressor ventilation, and laser into their calculator and try again.

Put only my compressor values into the calculator 1400 watts (1200 was input limit) for an hour, the lowest cost one is about $3100…

Good luck


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haha okay, I will just go ahead and quietly take any over priced recommendation and go to the next company with the same specs and good reviews for less. :sweat_smile:

I followed your link to the recommended calculator and regurgitated the results it gave me…

I highly doubt you’ll find an equivalent for $200… when you do post the link so we can all get one. :crazy_face:


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200! oh man okay then!

Sorry, does this work if both the computer and laser shut completely down due to a power outage?