Backwards Compatablility issues with LB files in 0.9.11

I installed Lightburn 0.9.11 and have been having issues with some of my .lbrn files not running correctly. All of the lines in the file show up in the LB display and can be edited. However, some of the lines are skipped when they are sent to the laser or the preview screen. I’ve attached an example file with a single line that was created in an old version of Lightburn (probably 0.7?); in 0.9.11 I can’t get the line to burn. Is this a bug or is there a setting that I am missing (I checked that the layer is turned on in the cut window)? I’m using running from a 64-bit Windows 10 laptop to a CD3 smoothie controller. Thanks:)

test.lbrn (50.2 KB)

I just found the answer. There is a new ‘discard out-of-bounds-shapes’ toggle in the settings menu.I disabled this and it worked:)

We ended up making that just a bit too sensitive - If a shape is just over the border (like, half a micron even) the laser would still actually let it through, but LightBurn would discard it. This has been corrected for the next release, but the switch is a quick fix.

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