Bad Image - Wrong camera?

I love Lightburn, and the camera feature looks awesome.

So I have the OV5648 5mp camera with a 70 Deg. lense mounted to my 700x500 machine.
The camera is mounted 31" above the bed (787mm) and has the entire bed in view with maybe an inch or so around the boarder.

The camera calibration went perfect and the alignment sort of went okay. I can’t really see much after the overlay because it’s so fuzzy and bleached out.

I was going to add a few pictures but I don’t see a way to right now. I will try and describe it the best I can.

A full size sheet of paper on the bed centered with black marker with a large start. I phone can see it perfect mounted at the same height as my camera. The Camera control can see it okay, including the bed honeycomb detail. But when I click overlay, the overlay is very grainy, low res, and the paper is so bleached out I can barely see the star.

Yes, I removed the lense protector film :slight_smile:

What causes this and is my camera the wrong one? Are there settings/properties somewhere to adjust the camera? Brightness, balance, contrast…


A little more information. If I turn off my overhead lights then at least I get an image to show in lightburn.
The overlay is still very grainy.

I closed light burn and opened the Windows 10 ap, and notice the resolution is only 320 x 240 and it would not let me select a higher resolution.

So the lights are washing our the image real bad,
An the camera resolution setting is way too low.

Any ways to fix either?

We have an update coming for the camera system that will hopefully address both issues, but the current version doesn’t allow control over any of the camera capture params on Windows. That’s most of the reason we sell our own cameras - we got a manufacturer to tweak their firmware to default to the highest resolution instead of the lowest, because the media framework we build with doesn’t allow changing it.

Thanks for the response. If I send this one back and grab one of yours then I won’t have either of these issues?

Again, great job on the software!

You have 2 options.

  • Wait for this next release and try with your current camera
  • Replace with LightBurn Camera and use the current release

Both options will require time. We are currently working on and internally testing our next release, but can not provide a date certain for its release. Shipping time will be required assuming available stock for the LightBurn camera you choose. If out of stock, we are dealing with additional unknowns due to the virus issues in China.

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