Baltic Birch Plywood Engraving Settings?

Hi All,
I am doing some testing / engraving on really nice 1/2" A2 grade, 7 ply, Baltic Birch plywood that I buy at a local specialty mill. I love the plywood but I can’t seem to get a nice dark burn with it. Here’s what settings I have tried…

100w Ruida
LB 9.20
500mm / 60% power / 300LPI = light to medium burn
400mm / 50% power / 400LPI = light to medium burn
300mm / 50% power / 400LPI = medium burn
200mm / 35% power / 500LPI = medium burn

I am trying to get to a dark brown fill / burn since the plywood is so light in color. Can anyone point me in the right direction with this? I would be very grateful!

Thanks - Morgan

Diode laser here.
I use the baking soda and water mixture and get a darker image. some people here have had their burns turn a bit yellow though.
That has not happen to me so far.
I do not use a spray bottle, I brush it on with a small brush.
I found out about it from youtube.
The video used 2 table spoons of baking soda in a spray bottle, I did not have a spray bottle at the time. All I had at hand was a small 3oz bottle.
I added some soda and water and shook it up and brushed it on.
The concentration of soda in the water is heavy, in fact the soda collects at the bottom.
I have had fair results, I think. I am new at this so may not know what I am talking about.!

I remembered that while I was looking for more information on the baking soda “trick” I ran across a discussion about it and they were taking “chemistry” about how “base” solutions altered them make-up and allowed more browning to occur and that other “basic” solutions would have a similar result. Not being a chemistry major I decided on safety, selfishly, I did not look for anything else to darken the burn in fear that I might hurt myself and die.


Thank you very much!!!

I am totally shocked on how well this is working. As soon as I got to my shop this morning I sprayed a couple Baltic Birch blanks with the baking soda / water solution and waited for them to dry.

I can not believe the difference in color/burn. It is the exact look I was going for… a really deep, dark brown on the Birch panels. No yellowing so far either. I will add that after I sprayed the panels, I used a brush to even out the solution.

I never in a million years would of found this information or thought of using baking soda if it wasn’t for this forum and your awesome reply to my need for help.

Thanks again for taking the time to help me with this. I can not tell you how appreciative
I am!

Thanks - Morgan

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