Banding issues while engraving black canvas

Having issues with banding while engraving a black canvas. Image is processed in Imag-r then uploaded in Lightburn. Pass through is turned on because i dithered image in Imag-r settings are 150mm/sec at 10% power. I did not manipulate image once loaded in lightburn. The image with setup the 4 plug outlet is where the laser is plugged in along with infinity air exhaust located on left of laser other fan on right is also plugged in but never running while im using laser. Compressor is on seperate outlet and circuit but sitting left to the laser. Chiller is to the right of laser. Can the chiller even though plugged into seperate circuit still bother laser being that its on the electronics side of the laser? The 4 plug outlet is a 20amp circuit.

This is why im confused here is a test with same setup yes smaller but no banding.

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