Base interval, etc

I realize it varies per machine, and many machines etc. - But is there a base settings guide for a certain type of popular machine, such as the Atomstack X20 Pro 20w.

like for example wouldn’t the dpi be the same for all X20 pro’s? like is that sort of thing documented somewhere to save the trial & error of doing test patterns and such? (I realize speeds and stuff obviously varies a lot per substrate, so that wouldn’t be as easy, but I figured there has to be a specific “proper” value for some of these things namely the interval?

Laser Everything made a great video on photo engraving, but it covers how to determine the best dpi/lpi for any laser with any material…

Although it’s title is photo engraving, it’s a lesson you’ll always use …

Good luck


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thanks! and I will definitely watch this.

My question though, was stating that while I know speed and power will vary depending on the item and substrate, more specifically in the interval setting, I’m asking if that will vary from one X20 Pro to another X20 pro? theoretically it should be a specific “correct” value for a specific machine, no?

obviously the other settings need to be determined of course, but I figured that one should be standard, as I can’t logically see what would vary on that between two copies of the exact same machine?

Yes, if the laser heads are at the same height from the material being lased. The size of the beam changes when moved closer or farther away from the top of your material. Running the ‘Interval Test’ will help you discover the best configuration for your setup and material.

makes sense, and just so that i have full clarity. for example the X20 is a fixed focus laser, meaning that it has a jig to put it the same distance from the material, always… in that case, is a test really necessary, since all of this machine should always be at the same distance… and further expanding on that, would the interval actually change based on material type? (I wouldnt think so?) - thanks for the help!!!

“Best” is a wonder-ful (full of wonder) word choice. Interval or line spacing can be used to alter the finished look of your projects. Understanding the size and shape of your focused beam is well worth the investment in some testing. :slight_smile:

got it, I’ll do the tests, was just hoping to shortcut the new machine! haha
thank you.

In a perfect world, yes the two would behave identical. Two cars off the production line: one is perfect and the other is a lemon. The same variance applies to any mass produced product. Even two pieces of wood can burn different. This is why everyone keeps suggesting the burn test. It eliminates a lot of guessing. It is a blessing now that it is built into Lightburn.

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totally cool, and I do agree and understand. What I was hoping for was more of a “very good guessed starting point” - so for example, if the proper is somewhere in the 1.1 range, then I’d do a test from 0.8, 0.9, 1, 1.1, 1,2, 1.3 - but wouldnt need to waste time with settings outside that specified range… so just a shortcut so to speak.

I did find that Atomstack does give that on their website for the machine, which as everyone here has mentioned may not be exactly right, but if I start with that, it should get me to the end results faster than just guessing :slight_smile: if that makes sense.

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