BBQ Scrapers for wedding

First off, these scrapers were provided by the client. I wasn’t responsible for the mis-drilled holes and discrepancies in size and/or design.

As part of my previous monitoring for clients (see the “Barn wood wedding sign”), another prospective client chimed in with a request for some laser work on some scrapers that were being given out to the wedding party members in an upcoming wedding. I said “Sure, I can do that”, so off I went.

This ended up being a much simpler burn than the last one. Burned a sample he had given me to get the proper settings for working on cedar, drew up the layout and got it properly positioned on the first piece, then clamped a right angle fence in place. Whipped through the 10 scrapers in about 9 minutes each, and I could edit the text for the next one while the current one was burning. Here’s the end result:

Nice easy burn, the client was happy, the bride was happy, everyone was happy. :slight_smile: I like this stuff, especially when it goes well! Got them done ahead of schedule, even.

Easy is good, and doesn’t happen very often :grinning:

Don’t tell me that, man! Let me enjoy my little bubble of hope before it bursts! :slight_smile:

This client is working on a deal with a local builder for cutting/charcuterie boards for their new home owners, and he’s dropping off a sample when he picks up these scrapers. Hoping for both of our sake’s that he gets that gig! :slight_smile:

A project like this is a good use of the ‘Variable Text’ feature. You could make a simple text file that looked like this:

BH,Father of the Groom
NW,Guest of Honour
EA,Father of the Bride
JD,Best Man

…and so on. Then your design would look like this:

%0 in this case means, “use the text from column 0”, and %1 means “use the text from column 1”. Each time you send the design to the machine, LightBurn will automatically advance to the next entry in the file, meaning no edits in between. If the client provides a clean list of names this can go really quickly, and the preview will show what the actual output will look like.

Probably a bit of overkill here, as these wouldn’t take long, but for a larger set, or something with full names, it can save a bunch of time. It also works with bent text or text on a path, and you can set it up to burn multiple, different entries on a single job, and then advance by a set (like 4) per run.


Will you marry me? :slight_smile:

I saw the “Variable Text” option, and thought it was for something like that, but didn’t explore it (mainly because this was a pretty small run of 10 values). But I’m hoping to get a larger order from the client for some cutting boards, and I can see this being really helpful.

I also need to explore the “bent text” and “text on a path”… I did some text on a circle in Inkscape and then imported it to burn, but keeping it all in the same tool would be handy.


We have YouTube tutorials for bent text and text on a path, and the bending option is in the documentation too - it’s the simpler of the two to use.