Beam Buddy High resolution laser head facts

This longer than usual post will explain some of the features of the Beam Buddy High resolution laser head. There is a common misconception that it is for engraving only.

The head will also work for cutting, provided the material is 3mm in thickness or less.

One of the things it excels at is cutting veneer for inlays. The kerf it leaves is so small that using kerf offsets is not required.

We have tested the head in cutting 3mm MDF and on the test machine we were able to increase the speed from 12mm/s to 20mm/s due the the high beam power density the high resolution laser head produces.

Of course it is primarily an engraving head and ca produce exceptional quality and detail up to 1954 dpi. I am including a few pictures of sample engravings done using a 100W CO2 laser.

Here are the full specifications of the Beam Buddy high resolution laser head:


Spaced lenses prevent overheating and lens damage that other compound lens systems are susceptible to

Silicon washers under retaining rings to prevent damaging lenses

Custom manufactured 20mm diameter USA CVD ZnSe AR coated lenses from ii-vi infrared rated for 150W

All aluminum construction with blue anodized finish

3mm focal length from bottom of cap

Variable air assist valve

Maximum resolution of 1954dpi on anodized aluminum

Easy swap from stock to Beam Buddy and back again

Can be used to cut materials up to 3mm in thickness, great for doing inlays

The head is available at :

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I can vouch for the Beam Buddy … I purchased one and it is great for detail engraving on my Pens :slight_smile:



I would love to see some examples of your pen engravings.

please share some images

thank you!

Here are some samples done with the HR head.Pic1_jpg-100291-500x500 pic2_jpg-100292-500x500 pic3_jpg-100293-500x500 pic4_jpg-100294-500x500 pic5_jpg-100295-500x500

The last two images are about the size of a business card.

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really superb , thanks for sharing

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Hi … sorry I never did take pictures … but the next ones I do I will and share :slight_smile:


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Have you sent one to Russ Sadler to review? He did some pretty extensive testing of hi-res heads a year or two ago.