Beam Buddy HR head test results

The results are in! In independent testing by Thunder Laser China, the Beam Buddy high resolution laser head is the winner in a head to head comparison with the previous generation high resolution head from Thunder Laser. Using an electron microscope, the dot size was measured at 13.5 micrometers, that is 0.0135 mm, giving a true resolution of 1800 dpi !!! Thunder Laser has given the green light to the Beam Buddy HR head, and authorized Thunder Laser USA to sell the Beam Buddy as their officially sanctioned HR head. We couldn’t be prouder of this achievement.
You can get yours at

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Norton has this to say about that web site:

" Dangerous Webpage Blocked
You attempted to access:
This is a known dangerous webpage. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit"

Just thought might want to know.

i just looked at the site on my iphone , and didn’t get any warning message.

is this Beam Buddy high res head using a meniscus lens cluster?

it looks pretty good.

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Wow this could be incredible but I’m really let down by that Shop. Sorry.

  • I could only find HR heads available on your shop that quote a “true 800” dpi. This is a far cry from 1800dpi
  • Where is this independent testing report available to view?
  • Why are there no example images of the stunning results this should be capable of?
  • Where are you based? Why does your About page give practically no useful information to help a potential customer gain trust?
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The web site quotes a conservative figure, and was written before Thunder Laser did their testing. Believe me, I was shocked at the actual number they came up with. :slight_smile: I can not release the testing report as it is an internal Thunder Laser document, I have asked them for permission, but have not received an answer as of yet. We are based in the Niagara Falls area of Canada. I will post some pictures of the results of engraving with the head here in this post later today when I go to the office.

It is a compound lens system, but in a different configuration than the cloudray type of stacked lenses (Ours are seperated by approximately 40mm allowing for less heat buildup that can crack lenses)

Just tried again and got the same message. No details, only that warning that Norton considers it to be a dangerous web site. This on a Win 7 PC running Chrome, for whatever that is worth.

Not sure what would be causing that, we have a valid ssl certificate, and are hosted on a reputable server. I’ll keep digging in to it.

None of my PC’s running Avast security complains. Might be a Norton false positive.

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Don’t waste time on it for my account - just passing along the info in case it affected your site traffic. Seems like it may be that only Norton is complaining.

What is the focus distance between the tube and the substrate?

Focal distance is 3 mm from the bottom of the head to the substrate.

Not good … the original HR head has 3.5 mm and with it I have massive problems with resin buildup during engraving… How to prevent this?

More air. Run the air assist as if it was a cutting job.

air is on full.

Are you using an aquarium-tyoe air pump or an actual air compressor?

Not criticising the product as I don’t know anything about it, but I would have thought truly independent testing would need to be carried out by a person or organisation which wouldn’t be involved in the selling of the product.

Totally agree with @Ash.

Yes and no. If a company is going to sell a product, it would be in their best interest to test it first and make sure the claims are accurate. It is nice to get the information and let the interested parties know what has been ascertained and how it was ascertained.

Most products are made and broken by the end user no matter where the baseline information comes from. Great product, bad support will always break a company. Not so great product with good support will stay around but if the product is pure garbage, well, buyer beware!

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Do you have a link to the side by side results of the test I am curious to see the claims.