Beam frequency setting below 1kHz

Hello people.

Been trying paper cutting techniques yesterday, many sources suggest lowering frequency from set 20kHz to 0.5kHz (500Hz), but LB wont let me go lower than 1kHz(1000Hz). Wont accept 0.5 input and no way to switch from kHz to Hz scale.

Any way to remedy this ?

Do you notice any difference at all when you go from 20khz to 1khz? I can change the control to allow decimal point entry, but what exactly are you trying to achieve? If you’re trying to put less power into the paper, perforation mode might be an option as well - using very low skip/cut values you could effectively dither the cut being output.

I plan on cutting card paper a lot, so i did a bit of reading on the topic and loads of sources suggest lowering frequency to prevent charring. It might have been outdated info where frequency was more useful than perforation. Perforation might be a next gen solution, i dont know. I havent researched “perforation” topic yet. But as i said - LOTS of sources suggest lowering frequency to 500Hz.

As for “does it work”, i think so. My machine is still not dialed in so i cant state with definite “it does”. Just trying things here.

The question arose because of me trying to replicate recipes off the t’intertubes and being unable to use 500Hz in LB.

That’s all well and good, but have you actually tried 1kHz? You may not need to drop all the way down to 500Hz.

Yes i have, less charring. But i want to drop to “prescribed” 500 just to see. No idea where initially 500Hz came from, but there’s a lot of “swearing by” 500Hz among paper people, their secret sauce i spose. No way to try in LB.

Fair enough. I see you are running a Ruida, have you tried changing the frequency on the controller directly?

No, but to be honest, i’m not thrilled by controllers panel and controls there. Planning on running exclusively LB for cutting and machine config.

If i understand correctly not all internal ruida functions have been mapped to LB yet. I’m not digging in that can of worms until i become more accustomed to “mere mortal” operational mode. (Although i do love to have a nosey in things i “shouldn’t”, phones rooted, consoles hacked, routers flashed, arduinos burned, etc :D)

Not everything is exposed on the control panel either. I don’t know for sure you can change the frequency from the panel on a Ruida, I just mentioned it as a possible way to get what you want.

If you open the LBRN agile, frequency is stored there in Hz, I think, and could be edited there (it’s just XML). As long as you don’t change the cut settings after editing the frequency setting it would be a way for you to test if it changes anything.

Also worth checking if the 500hz people were using glass tube or RF lasers, as those respond differently. If the people swearing by 500hz have Epilog machines, for example, those work much differently than your laser, so the setting might not translate.

I dismiss any info i find on fiber or RF lasers. Irrelevant to me, hence filtered out. My info comes mostly from chinese CO2 gas laser users, diy laser builders, K40 users etc. I do understand differences in lasing process (somewhat) by now… :smiley:
3 months digging in the “books” waiting for my machine to arrive…

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