Becoming licensed stopped LB from talking to my BOSSLaser 2440

I installed the trial version (0.9.07 at the time) of LightBurn and configured it to talk to my BOSSLaser 2440 over my network and it worked perfectly. I really like the software and only had 19 days left so I thought I’d just go ahead and purchase a license. After I installed the license, it would no longer upload a file saying the laser was paused or busy (it isn’t – I cycled the power just in case). I pinged the IP address and it responds back. I locked down the IP address so DHCP doesn’t give it to anyone else. I checked for an update and it said 0.9.09 was available so I updated but the issue remains. I have tried to reinstall the laser but no change. Any ideas?

I just had the same thing happen to me kinda, updated, now it wont send to my machine………

OK, after some network diagnostics, I found that my laser was in the DHCP range and though I thought I had it reserved I guess I didn’t. I moved the IP out of the DHCP range so now it won’t get stepped on.

TH - You might shut off your laser and then try to ping it. Obviously if it responds then you have an IP conflict. Try moving to an address outside of the DHCP range of your router.

I can say for certain that neither purchasing a license or updating LB affected the network connectivity - those two things are very much unrelated. Probably just coincidental timing. Sounds like you have it sorted out.

@Twistedhickey - what kind of machine do you have?

80w china, red/blk
most likely I need a better computer to drive it.
I’m working thru the learning curve, figuring it out. Most of it is operator error I can guarantee that.
I must say you guys are on top with any concerns and I really do appreciate it!!!
Great job LighBurn Team!!

80w China doesn’t tell me what the controller is. :slight_smile: There are settings that’s can help depending on whether it’s Ruida, Trocen, etc, and how you connect to it.

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