Bed Expansion, want to change orientation on the screen

I have an Ortur OLM3 with a 20w laser. I upgraded to the bed expansion kit. All works fine, but the orientation on the screen is length, top to bottom, and I want to re-orientate it as seen on the screen to be seen length, left to right.

I have included a picture I found in the forum that shows the capability to re-orientate in LightBurn version 1.6, but cant find it in the latest software version. I’ve read you can swap the X and Y connectors, but I have no interest in doing it that way.
Anybody have an idea???

Check here for the beta versions: Public Beta Releases - LightBurn Software Forum

Thank you misken. Is the 1.6 version older than the current version, or named that only because it’s a beta? I don’t want to lose all the neat upgrades in the newest version.

The current version is 1.5.06, so 1.6 is newer…

Duh…I should pay closer attention.
I’ll install it and give it a try and report back!

I just installed the 1.6 beta version and it flip my expansion bed 90 degrees!
A perfect solution.


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