Bed size not right

i have an Atom Stack A5 bed size is X400 Y410 when i use LB and frame my Job that is X350 Y350 the X is fine but the Y crashes into rear frame i have to tell LB the size of Y is Y172 and it travels to correct size of my bed but i can not cut my job as the size is X360 Y350 what do i need to alter to get the correct bed size in LB that matches my actual bed size of X400 Y410 . my X0 Y0 is front left set to absolute coords i think it might be a Y step size issue but do not know how to alter that is it just gbrl commands thanks .

Digit $$ in console and paste here The output

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getting a bit further but still require some help when i do a 20x20mm square the size is x=20 y=42.9 so i input that in to machine settings / calibrate Y axis requested size 20.0 actual size 42.9 and write it ,then when i do a 20x20mm square it is correct but when i turn off machine and turn it back on it reverts to old settings not the new ones so i have to redo it all again how do i force this to be the default on load …
when i save it with $101=34.934 all works when i restart the val is $101 =80 ??

Is your machine completely stock? I believe $101=80 is the normal value for your controller. And it’s likely that your firmware prevents permanent writes to memory.

There may be an alternative firmware that allows you to write changes but realistically you shouldn’t need to be making these changes. I suspect something else going on. Have you changed pinions or belts or the stepper motor on your machine?

One other thing, your dimensions are actually x410 and y400… you listed that in reverse.

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it is stock and no changes have been made . it works if i set up a macro $101=34.934 and hit that when first starting up but i want it to just work . i have a Makerbase MKS DLC32 v2.4 board spare but unsure when i looked at it where the laser goes as its not marked … and X410 Y400 was what i ment sorry typo

Is this a new laser? If so, you may want to followup with Atomstack as I’m almost certain that something isn’t quite right. Could there be possibly something wrong in the assembly? It looks like it’s off by 2x. I think first preference would be to sort out why things are off.

Can you try swapping cables for X and Y at the controller? When you do so does the issue shift to X axis or does it stay on Y?

Separately, I can’t recall for certain but I think your board is based on an arduino design so you can load standard grbl firmware and that will allow you to override the grbl configuration and have it be saved. Easiest way to do this is from laserGRBL as it comes with a firmware upload feature as well as a custom compiled firmware.

Laser goes to set of pins marked as S-TTL-V. Pinout should be like this:

Controller -> Laser Module
S          -> PWM
TTL        -> Gnd
V          -> V

I believe output voltage on that board matches input voltage so you’ll need to make sure to input the correct voltage that correlates to the module.

thank for the help i have sent Atomstack a message to ask if they know what might be wrong as you suggested

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