Bed size vs Camera angle lens options

About to purchase the camera option from Lightburn for my Redsail M900 which has a 900x600 working area.
What is the best option for this bed size based on the variants of camera angle lens available. Ultimately, my objective is to improve the workflow with full camera coverage (900mmx600mm).

I await the advice, thanks in advance.

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An important piece of information is the distance from your open lid mounting spot to the bed.

This is a frequently asked question :slight_smile:

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Tell me if I am on the correct path here :question:

My bed size is 900x600.

I measured from bed to cover which came in between 35 to 36 inches. When converted to mm this comes to 889mm and based on your formula:
900/1.4 = 635 which no where close to 889mm
900/0.825 = 1077.57 which is closer to 889mm hence 60 degree angle lens is the best fit :thinking:

The calculation is for the minimum distance.

If you try the 60 degree lens you’ll end up cutting off part of your bed.

You’d be better with the 90 degree lens based on your calculations.

Chris is spot on - The number is the minimum height above the bed for the camera to see the entire area. So the 60 degree camera would need to be mounted 1077mm or higher to see the whole bed. The 90 degree camera would be 635mm or higher. At 890mm you’re only about 145mm above the minimum spot, which won’t affect much - just means you have a little wiggle room, which is a good thing.

I won’t have 90’s in stock for a couple more weeks because of the Chinese New Year holiday. I’ll announce on the forum when we get our next batch in.

Ok duly noted.
Please expedite the order as I have some big jobs coming up in short order, thanks.

my bed size is 1400 mm x 700, so with 160 degree I would have to have 1,400: 2.7 = 518 mm minimum height from the bed to check the whole area?

Your math looks right, yes.

If you’re going for “basic alignment” that should work, but if you want good accuracy on the sides with a bed of that size, I’d suggest going with a 120 degree lens to minimize the distortion. A 160 degree lens means that the sides have significantly less resolution to work with.

An illustration of why that is:

The view from a 160, 140, and 120 over a 700x500mm bed: